Research & Development

Transforming academic expertise into clinical solutions

Leveraging on multiple advanced antibody discovery platforms, together with a full suite of protein engineering capabilities, GENY transitions cutting edge research into clinical solutions.

Our Platform Technologies

Full suite of antibody discovery and protein engineering

  • Our antibody discovery and protein engineering capabilities encompass a full suite of discovery platforms including a unique fully human antibody discover platform, mouse hybridoma, phage-fab library construction and screening.
  • Full protein engineering capabilities such as custom antibody fragments, class switching, humanization, antigen design and expression in multiple platforms including high-yielding, industry standard mammalian expression platforms CHO and HEK.

Fully human antibodies

  • Our technology employs a powerful method to screen hundreds of millions of human memory B cells from convalescent patients.
  • Using a blend of bioinformatics, massive parallel sequencing and high throughput functional assays, we identify and sequence the monoclonal antibody that resolved an infection.