Your Opportunity to Invest in Excellence

Through its exclusive license agreement with the National University of Singapore’s Life Sciences Institute, GEN-Y has unique access to the research and development pipeline of fully human antibodies.

The research focus is on immune-mediated diseases, with a determination to meet the challenges of infectious diseases and cancer.

A close working relationship, between the founding scientists, GEN-Y and their specialist partners, means GEN-Y can maintain a lean structure with the capabilities and know-how to move the projects through the R&D stages to manufacturing, clinical assessment and commercialisation.

This model has proven effective, as witnessed by the approval of the ImTracker Covid immunity test, which is commercially available today. This same approach will see the introduction of the first dengue serotype point of care (POC) diagnostic and flavivirus POC diagnostic in 2023 and 2024, respectively.

If you would like to learn more about GEN-Y Biologics, please contact Graham Almond

If you would like to learn more about investment opportunities, please contact Graham Almond.