About Us

About Us

The GEN-Y Team

GEN-Y Biologics was formed in 2020 to license, productise and take to market superior antibody technologies derived from state-of-the-art technological platforms developed through their exclusive licensing partnership with the National University of Singapore’s highly prestigious Life Sciences Institute.

Their unique antibody discovery platform for fully human antibodies, together with advanced antibody engineering capabilities, provides a pipeline of highly specific antibodies for use in therapeutics and diagnostics.

What We Do

Fully human antibodies

Our technology employs a powerful method to screen human memory B cells from convalescent patients. Using a blend of bioinformatics, massive parallel sequencing and high throughput functional assays, we identify fully human monoclonal antibodies for research, therapy or diagnostics.

Our antibodies are expressed in high-yielding, industry standard mammalian expression platforms CHO and HEK

B cells from convalescent Dengue infected patients

Blood sample taken at 3-5 days post-fever, for PCR and Dengue serotyping Day 60 post-fever sample collected for antibody screening

Fully Human Antibody Discovery


Recovered patient’s B Cells isolated from blood sample.

Each Memory B cell produces a single antibody.

Cells cultured in “pools” for several days with cytokines to stimulate antibody production.

Cells cultured in “pools” for several days with cytokines to stimulate antibody production.

Bioinformatics to identify individual antibody sequences

Multiplex Next Gen sequencing

mRNA isolated from positive B Cell pools and cDNA made.

Board of Directors

Kenneth Tan

Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board and Acting CFO

  • Managing Partner & Managing Director of Southern Capital
  • Co-Founder and EVP of Cassis International
  • Former Assistant VP at GIC
  • BA (First Class Honours), Cambridge University

XiangLiang (XL) Lin

Co-Founder and Interim CEO

  • Deputy CEO, ESCO Lifesciences Group of Southern Capital
  • Founding CEO, ESCO Aster
  • Experienced Biotech Veteran (discovery to delivery)
  • Early Stage Biotech Investor
  • BSc University of Sydney

Suang-Hong Nguyen

Co-Founder, Executive Director and CBO

  • Managing Director of Victory Global Holdings
  • Founding member of Asia Capital Enterprises, GC Millennium Group, Starise Investments and Cathay Investment Fund
  • Established Equity Derivatives across European Markets at Morgan Stanley
  • MBA Harvard University, Post-doctorate INSEAD

Scientific Advisors

Assoc Prof Paul MacAry, PhD

Senior Scientific Advisor

  • Associate Professor and Director, Life Sciences Institute, National University of Singapore
  • Co-Chair & Co-Director, Singapore-Hebrew University of Jerusalem Research Alliance
  • Expert in Antibody Technologies & Infectious Diseases
  • PhD King’s College London

Professor William Haseltine, PhD

Scientific Advisor

  • Chairman and President of ACCESS Health International
  • Expert in Infectious Diseases (HIV/AIDS, COVID-19)
  • Founder of >7 Biotech Companies
  • Former Professor, Harvard Medical School
  • Former Presidential Advisor, HIV/AIDS, to US and French Governments
  • PhD Harvard University

Prof Jeffrey Almond, PhD FMedSci

Scientific Advisor

  • Visiting Professor of Microbiology, University of Oxford
  • Chairman, Virion Health
  • Science Advisory Board Member National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, UK
  • Work-Group Chair, UK Government Vaccine Network
  • Former Head of Vaccine R&D, Sanofi Pasteur
  • Former Professor, University of Reading
  • PhD University of Cambridge

The GEN-Y Team

Graham Almond

Executive Director and Head of Commercial Operations

  • Managing Director, Lumicara Pte Ltd
  • Former Vice-President SE Asia, Global Operations, Sanofi
  • Former SEA PhRMA head
  • BSc University of Manchester